How to do a Glitter Christmas Snow Queen face paint look!

Thanks to the Frozen 2 blockbuster, anything chilly and snowy this year is super popular with kids.

This pretty Snow Queen face paint, with its sparkling tiara, elegant snowflakes and snow swirls is an adorable face paint to try with your kids. We’ve made it quick and easy, so your little one won’t have to sit still for too long.

How to create the Snow Queen face paint

Before you start…

  • Gather your materials on a flat surface
  • Lay down some newspaper or a wipe-clean cloth in case of any spills
  • Always do a patch test of the paint on your child’s skin, if no reaction occurs within an hour, the paint should be safe to use
  • Remove gently with warm water and a damp cloth – no need to rub!

You will need

Face paint in white and 2 x face paint sponges
Strong gem glue Clear Gems Chunky Silver glitter

Step 1

Lightly sponge white paint around the temples. Add silver glitter shapes over the wet paint and allow to dry.

Step 2

Add long swirls and small flicks to the outer corners of the eyes, coming down the cheeks

Step 3

Add glue to the back of some large gems and place on the center of the forehead. Allow to dry within 2 minutes.

Step 4

Add white dots and shapes along the eyebrows and on the peak of the tiara.

You can also finish off with some fine iridescent white glitter for extra sparkle!

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